Gifts For Him

When I asked my husband what he bought at Walmart, he told me a new wallet. I was devastated I never thought he needs a new one, which could have been my Christmas gift for him since I haven’t done anything special for him last Christmas. He told me though that it is never too late to give him some gifts, so since February is fast approaching I might be buying something as my valentine’s day gifts for him, I thought of a new shirt, belt and a new wallet so he will have a replacement ready in case the other one will be damaged. Actually I have so many things to send him in the next few months, just like the edited and the unedited wedding videos, he haven’t seen those yet so I must send him a copy for that. I already talked to the in-charge of the studio where we had our package back then during our wedding and she said I just have to pay the labor charges then in a day or two; I can get the DVD ready. I hope my husband will have a fun time watching our wedding videos from the church to the reception during our special day.
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