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Nostalgia : Barney and Dora

When my youngest daughter turned one year old, I hired a mascot for her birthday party and Barney came along. F does not like any mascots before, as you can see at the picture, she seemed like she would be sick even to touch the Barney, she sobbed and does not even want to look at the Mascot.

But during her 3rd birthday, she became so entertained by Dora. I choose Dora since we already had Barney when she was a year old. She hugs Dora and even wants to play with her, she dances with her too. Obviously, my little girl had a blast!

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And it was my ring, thank GOD!

I was so devastated when I found out I lost my ring one day. The first thing I knew was I just put it in my closet but I could not find it the next day. I asked my daughter and she didn’t know it, we tried searching the whole house, we searched it under the bed and under the couch. But it was not there, when I spotted the garbage and thought it was there, I wished to buy a metal detector that instant so I don’t have to touch all the yucky trash from there. I will just point the detector there to give me signs for metals. Of course, I would choose the easiest way and thought to buy a metal detectors sale in the nearest mall right away, I reminded my sister not to give the garbage to the collector since I need to inspect it yet. Good thing, when I was about to get ready, I noticed a ring in the edge of our window inside the bathroom, when I check it, it was my ring! Thank GOD!
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