Dryland Today

Jm had been absent for how many days on her training for swimming. We just got back regularly last week. And since it was raining during their training at the pool for two nights already, my daughter suffered again a bit of cough and runny nose. She just called me a while ago to tell me that she keeps on sneezing at school, I just told her we will going to go to her pediatrician tomorrow after the class, so to buy her a new medicine.
Good thing, they don’t have to swim today, they will only be having a dryland, stretching and exercising. That means they would finished it as early as 8 p.m. therefore we could go home as early as possible. But that doesn’t mean, we won’t bring much stuff, I have to bring a mat, extra t-shirt, rubber shoes and jogging pants, geez, the life of being the Mom. LOL!
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    that's our role! i love it and will be loving it forever! visiting you here via TBE! have a nice day!

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