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Mommy Moments : Valentines Day 2011!

It was one Saturday, few days before the Valentines Day that my youngest daughter saw a picture of a cake in a magazine. Since I was not there, she begged her Aunt Malyn to give her a mouthful of cake. She said, I want that, yummy! When I and Jm went home that night from her training, my sister told me about F’s reaction when she saw that picture, they don’t have money and so they were not able to buy anything that could replace of that cake in the magazine.

 A day after the Valentines Day, I went to the mall to pay my bill for Smartbro, I passed by to a Cakes and Pastries station, and saw the Choco Roll Cake in the display. It reminded me of F, begging her Aunt to buy her one. As I thought, the Choco Roll is perfect for our Valentines post-celebration, I bought it and headed home after I fetched Jm.

 As soon as I arrived home, I let her see what I got for her and she said right there and then, “Wow, yummy, I want that Mama”. (So that explains the little tiny hand there beside the cake, she was really insisting on eating that one first); I asked her to have dinner first so we could eat the cake together with her eldest sister. It was a simple celebration for the three of us yet my kids absolutely enjoyed the moment.

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