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I hope you know

I have hurt someone today
And it hurts me too
I don’t want to elaborate
It is just so hard this time yet
There are times that I could not understand
Maybe because I cared too much
Frustrating, I know but I hope you know I love you.
Sigh! It is just so hard being a Mom when you have to deal misunderstandings, feelings, failures, depressions and many more!
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Paternity Test

DNA testing is not a new technology; it has been in use for a few years now. DNA has freed wrongly accused persons from prison. DNA can be used to identify people and to identify paternity. A DNA paternity test is one way to tell the father of a baby. Just like a finger print, each and every one of us has unique traits in our DNA that can identify us. All it takes is a few of our cells and a lab can create a DNA profile of us.
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Reminiscing that Special Day

When we had our dinner at Disway, a new restaurant here near our place, my eldest daughter took a video while the band performed live at the stage. They sang our song during our first dance at the wedding. It is so nice to reminisce that special day, the day we tied the knot.
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