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Nostalgia : From Michael Angel to Leonardo

Last week, my entry was about a letter from Michael Angelo to Leonardo. I guess you know who they are, if not let me refresh your memory about “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles” . They were, Rafael, Donatelo, Michael Angelo and Leonardo and their master Splinter.
When I was in college, we call our friendship “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” because we always stick together, from school until we get home. For us, it was so cute, since we believe the names were related to us, well some of us. One of our friend named Alpha was the Rafael, since we call her “Pang” short for Alpha, which sounds like “Rafael, then our friend Donabel that sounds like Donatelo as well, me as Leonardo because of the actor from the Titanic that I incredibly adored so much at that time, Michael Angelo as my best friend Janeth, she chooses that because she just love the name and Tim-tim who obviously has a lot of craziness as the Splinter.
Anyway, among the groups, I was closed to Michael Angelo my bestfriend Janeth, there was no day that we don’t exchange sweet nothings and notes, whenever she would arrive at school, and I was busy, she would always received a note from me, sometimes in her notebook, and sometimes in a piece of paper. I got tons of letters from her too from first year college until we graduated. And one of the letters she gave me and kept was the letter I entered for Nostalgia last week.
And we are not lovers, absolutely we are not T-bird or homosexual whatsoever, we just love sending notes to each other, to show our care and love for each other as friends. So if I will be ask if sweet nothings are intended for lovers only, I would answer “No” as it is intended for friendship, relationship, Mother and daughter relationship whatever, it is intended for everyone who truly cares.
My god we are just too gay to be one, LOL and we are one happy Mother for so many years now.
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Increase Your Awareness About Health

I have two daughters and I always worry about their health. When they are sick it really puts a lot of stress on me. I can’t sleep and I get really stressed. One thing that would cause me less worry is to be more aware of things that can affect my kid’s health and what is serious and what is not.
CIGNA Health Tour Awareness is one way that I can learn about health risks to my kids and what I can do to protect them and keep them in a safe and sanitary environment. Learning different disease vectors and just simple preventative measure like having them wash their hands after they get home from school or just from playing outside is one way to cut down on the spread of germs.
The CIGNA Mobile Learning lab can increase your awareness of health issues, disease vectors and things unsafe things around the house. I love my girls and I want them to be happy and healthy. Know what are good habits to keep my girls healthy and being aware of the risks and danger of unhealthy behaviors is something I am always trying to do.
I want a healthy family. I want my kids to grow up having good healthy habits and I am the one who has to teach them these things. I know I have a lot to learn but with recourse like the CIGNA Health Tour, I can have a good start on learning these things.
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