Best Investment

When I was looking for a bank to put my money for savings, one bank offered me a time deposit. It is a money deposit in the bank in which you can’t withdraw until the certain term. The bank said it is good if you are receiving dollars and the safest and the best investment. Oh well, I don’t have that huge amount of dollars at that time and I thought the best investment would be to buy gold and sell it. You can earn like triple of your capital if you happen to be a miner, yeah it is too hard to own gold before but not now, because you can actually buy gold online. If we only have enough money I would really suggest my husband for gold investment, well who knows right? Maybe not now but perhaps in the future and we can be rich. Anyway since we can’t afford the time deposit and gold investment as of now, I just told the in-charge of the bank to tell me the procedure for savings account deposit. He was disappointed at first but he directed me to the New Account Information.
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