Busy At Night

Every night when we arrived home from either Kumon or from the pool, my youngest daughter will always be waiting for us, we always saw her from the window, calling our name. And the moment we got home, there will be no TV at all. We ate our dinner while sister Merlyn is preparing to get home. After we ate our dinner, I would start to turn the computer on so Faith could use it and watch her ABC at kidzui or some other nursery rhymes videos, while I assist Mj with her home works or helping her with her lessons. When she answers the quizzes I gave her, while waiting for her to finish, I will be drawn to my book. Thus, it has been like two months already that I haven’t watch any drama series or Pinoy big fat loser, I was not even watch the Vice Ganda shows on Sundays although how much I wanted to watch that but I end up forgetting all about it. They said you could really laugh out loud with his joke and all.,

 Last night, I just made a peep to my blog then went to sleep with Faith, Mj slept ahead of us since she has to wake up early in the morning. And my youngest daughter could not sleep whenever her Mom is not around her, she always cling on to me or make my tummy her pillow. And when I will not come with her on our bed, she would bug me around and will not stop until she won. I miss watching TV though but I guess this is how my life works now. I am not complaining in fact I love it and enjoyed every single moment together with my kids. Even though I hope my husband is here with us now so he can also get to witness how the kids are today and their improvements at school.

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