Deleting Files

It is always nice to know that when you need someone to work on your gadget when they seem like malfunction you have your husband with you always on the rescue. Yesterday, just after my husband log out to sleep, my computer was slowly acting up. I have my virus scanner run and the malwarebytes but I did not finish it because I have to shut it down so I could fetch my eldest daughter to her school. When I tried to log last night, my computer was still slow, so this morning I ran the malwayrebytes again and the virus scanner, my husband asked me of the C drive, he needs to know how much space I used up, and so the culprit was there, in my downloads folder alone, I got tons so I need to delete some files and so as my documents. The used space was decreased and the free space increased, my husband told me it was better. Right now, I still run the malwarebytes and virus scanner, I hope when it is done, my Dell computer will be fast as it was used to again.
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One Response to “Deleting Files”

  1. carinamodella says:

    it is nice that someone in the family can help you troubleshoot computer problems. as for me, i need to pay technicians to do that for me.