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My Wristwatch is Back

After like how many months, finally I was able to go to the mall to purchase a battery for my wristwatch. It has been drained for so many months already. I told the wristwatch expert that it has been too long that I wasn’t able to replace the battery, immediately he told me that the watch needs cleaning and I have to pay him 500 pesos. I had doubts so I walked away; I told him I would just buy a new one. I roamed around the area for like minutes when I saw my friend texting, I told her about my problem with my watch, she then told me that she has a friend who could help me, if it needs cleaning she can asked him not to charge me that big. So I went with her to the other mall, she said we will not tell the expert that the battery was never replace for a long time, we will see what would he suggest for the watch. So we just said we will buy a new battery for the watch, the in-charge asked us if who opened the wristwatch, we answered it was opened at the other mall, he replied immediately, that’s why all the screws were loosened, so the watch will not function. I was so surprised, so the other wristwatch expert tried to ditch me or tried to fool me around. I was thankful I didn’t believe him that easy otherwise I would pay him that amount he asked me without me knowing I was already overcharged.
Now, my wristwatch is back and I could not contain my happiness, I have a watch to look at to when I need to know the time, and I will never be cramming or be late for any appointment in the coming days.
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