Orange Tuesday # 12: Magic Jack in the Package

I was really so tired last night that I was not able to post any update to all my blogs, and I missed the ORANGE TUESDAY meme, oh well anyway, it is better late than never right?

Last week my husband sent me a magic jack so I can call him again for free! And now we are using it to contact us at home.

The magic jack has helped us a lot, not only we can save a lot of bucks but we can at least talked to each other through phone for longer hours, and not only that, I can also call some friends who lived abroad.

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3 Responses to “Orange Tuesday # 12: Magic Jack in the Package”

  1. Laikka says:

    yay..can i have that orange pad..hehe

    visiting from OT..see yah!

  2.  gmirage says:

    Wow, that's truly convenient! –Mirage

  3. jared's mum says:

    wow! that is quite a nifty invention, imagine calling your loved ones abroad for free! i bet you'll save up loads on your phone bills once you use this…

    thanks for visiting my entry, too 🙂