Our Package Just Arrived

My husband has been tracking down our package he send through Fed Ex, he is so excited for Mj to receive her prize for winning the swimming competition on Saturday. He was so excited to tell me this morning that the package is already in Davao and that I should be receiving that anytime today. I was getting so excited then because aside from the Nintendo of Mj, he puts some DVD’s for Faith and goodies and the book I’d been wanting to read since then. I called the agency and they told me that it is yet in the airport, until I went out to pay my bills, I suddenly thought to call them again, I forgot my tracking number, hoping they could locate my box through my name but they said they need the tracking number. So when I arrived home from grocery shopping, I called them to give out my tracking number and they said that it’s already on its way.
I thought we could have it today, but to my disappointment it didn’t. I have to go to the airport tomorrow to claim it. I will have to tell you next time what happen to the box, why they were not able to deliver it here.
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3 Responses to “Our Package Just Arrived”

  1. Rovie says:

    congrats mare… surely malipay jud mga kids nimo ana…

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    grabbing your badge too… thanks daan!

  2. Jona says:

    oh very disappointing 🙁 anyway hope everything goes well.
    I have an award for you.

  3. Silvergirl says:

    darating din un.. kids will be happy.