We Are Holding On

They were so in love when I first saw them, their wedding is so grand so when I heard that they got separated, my husband and I were so surprised. The husband was an online friend of his during that time that when we were still boyfriend/girlfriend. I really thought they will be for last but how does it end when they had so much memories behind, especially they had a kid to cherish always. I know it was not my business but sometimes it really wonders why they have to end it that way?

 With my husband too far away from us, I sometimes thought what if he couldn’t take it any longer and he would look for another woman. Although he keeps on telling me, he will never do that, I mean I know him so well, I guess he has a lot of patience than mine. I tell you with our situation, I am not sure if you could also take it. The only thing I am holding on is that he never makes me feel like I am nobody, he always makes me feel that I am special and will always be forever. He never fails to call me every night, every morning and everyday. And he is always there waiting for me in YM. I know we are holding on, I know we are getting there. I guess I just need more patience and even more and ignore all the people around me who keeps on asking me of our status as if like telling me, we will never going to make it.

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3 Responses to “We Are Holding On”

  1. Hopeful says:

    Just keep holding on sis. In every relationship patience is very important,and I learned that from my hubby coz that is what I don't have before. Just stay in love.

  2. carinamodella says:

    so sad that not all love stories have happy ending. i admire your strong relationship with your husband.
    thanks for visiting anne!

  3. Fe says:

    halo sis, mkarelate jd ko s imong situation, i reach to the point na gakairita nko sa amo uban silingan,labi natong mga walay mga buhat g cge lang ug panglibak. I'm glad n naa nko NL and living 2gether w my husband. Just ignore nalang n inyo mga silingan sis. I knw time will come mag uban ra mo sa imo husband.