No Pet For Her

I promised my daughter that if she wins the Cherifer Inter-School Competition last Saturday, my gift for her on Christmas is a pet. She chooses a dog pet and she was so excited about it. But she was admitted in the hospital just before the competition thus the gift for her on Christmas should not be push through. She was disappointed about it, she was even cried when the Doctor told her she can’t swim for four days and that she needs to finish all her medicine before she could swim. 

This afternoon she was so excited when I fetch her at school; she missed swimming and her teammates. But the moment we arrived at the pool, the rain started to pour and the lightning was so strong. They need to pull up from the pool to avoid accidents. We end up ordering our dinner and stayed there for a while to wait for the rain to stop. I tell you, it’s hard to drive when the lightning keep on striking and the sounds of the thunder is always disturbing.
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2 Responses to “No Pet For Her”

  1. chano says:

    safety first.. i know win or lose you will reward her this coming christmas.. am i right?

  2. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    How sad pero okies lng yon my next time pa naman eh or christmas gift n lang ni mommy hehe.. Good thing your fine Mj.

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