FB Charging All The Users?

When we arrived home on Saturday from the hospital, my sister immediately opened her FB and suddenly she blurted me that FB will not be free anymore. I just shrugged because oh well, I am not really using it; I just open my FB to read and view my friends status and pictures. 
This morning, one of my friends’ status is to repost a message because anytime this day FB will be charging all the users anymore. But I just ignore it, I mean that’s really nothing and I know it is fraud. If FB will be charging all the users, I am sure their site will just go down rapidly. 
So guys relax, that is really nothing. But if they would charge the users maybe that’s for upgrade like you can use all the features and such. Although the new feature sucks and I am certain people doesn’t like the new features. I don’t like it either, it is better to have that old and simple features. It won’t complicate everything. What do you think?

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8 Responses to “FB Charging All The Users?”

  1. kat says:

    dehins na tinuod bitaw Anne hehehe.. subukan lang sa tag-iya, ugma wa na syay users…hahaha balik na pod friendster. agi ko

  2. Star-chuu says:

    You are right Anne, i am comfortable to used the old feature of FB than the new. Just dropping by here in your site. HAve a great day ahead!

  3. chano says:

    hope it is not true.. first time here..care to exchange links with me? hope you can visit me back…


  4. chano says:

    done adding your link..please check it and add mine.. hope you can support me daily.. thanks

  5. Rovie says:

    mas ok jud ang daan nga fb… abi gani nako tinuod… maau pa mag visit ug blogs kaysa mag sige fb…lol…

    agi ko diri mare…

  6. Classic NYer says:

    I had to shake my head at everyone who reposted that "news." I was like, if facebook were really to start charging, they wouldn't put the word out through a chain letter of wall statuses.

  7. chano says:

    already link your blog.. please link me back.. just inform me if it is okay already.. thanks

  8. chano says:

    thanks anne..care to give me sup port by cl ickng my adz? thanks..