Jobs I Experienced

As I said, I really missed working. I have experienced a lot of jobs before, I became a secretary, then a merchandiser, a travel agency attendant, an administrative assistant, an accounting clerk and a call center agent. But if I applied for the same position again, I guess I will not qualify anymore because they are looking for younger applicants except for call center agent because age for them doesn’t matter, if you have a great communication skills then you are qualified but I don’t like to work at night shift anymore, I mean I have kids I need to attend everyday as well and for me, sleeping with them at night would be our greatest bonding or at least before bedtime. There’s a Counter Attendant Jobs available around the globe, I am not sure though if my husband would allow me to apply for work once we are settled. It seems like that the counter attendant is an interesting jobs especially if that compensate you much.
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