This blog was my first blog that I established online. A friend of mine introduced me to blogging and how did she earn from it. I was still working at that time and I didn’t have time to put it up, but when I resigned from work, I registered in blogger.com and started to write about things in life. 
I struggled at first, I didn’t know how to do this and that, I asked some questions to my friend in which she was able to answer. But I can’t asked everything to her about it especially when it comes to coding and stuff like that, so I searched it online. Some were so techie that I could not even understand it, it is hard but I was able to make it through. I tried my best to put it up all alone. I couldn’t ask help from anyone if I was too confused. I am just so shy to ask them.
I am not a greedy kind of person so I shared what I know to other people. But sometimes when we help it will just make the whole process worst. And the thing is you were to be blame because you were not able to do it right. And this I learned my lesson.
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