Mommy Moments : Financial Tips

Ever since the day I have Mj, I am always writing all the expenses for the day. It just gotten away because of laziness now I am back of listing all of it again because lately I noticed it seems like the money that my husband sent me just slipped away, a day or two and I am out of it. So to make sure with my finances, I am writing all the expenses for the day and this tickler here was my buddy when it comes to that. 
Whenever I grocery shop, I also have my calculator with me so I won’t exceed within my budget. You see, life is hard now, we had money today, by tomorrow our hands will be all empty if we won’t watch out with our expenses. If you think that my daughters can get whatever they want when we go to the mall nope, you are wrong. 
When Mj asked things to buy like a new shirt or new jeans I always told her that we should have a budget for extra expenses. So she should wait for the right time and the right amount, Faith seems like she doesn’t care at all but I am trying to teach her the value of money. She can’t get rides all the time at the mall, or go to wonderland for fun. Even though those are not that expensive, yet she should learn the value of spending.

mommy moments
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9 Responses to “Mommy Moments : Financial Tips”

  1. Hazel says:

    Ay tama yan. Ilista talaga ang mga gastusin. Hindi kaya ganun kadali ang pera. I also use a notebook and a calculator. Happy MM 🙂

  2. crazyme says:

    I used to do that also but would find it cumbersomeand stop. Then I'd be on it again after a couple of months. So my notebook has about a month of daily entries then three months of no entry and the cycle repeats. LOL!
    Here's how we're teaching our toddlers to value money.

  3. Tintin.Tetay says:

    Visiting from MM. Thanks for sharing and have a happy and safe weekend!!!

  4. ""rare*jonRez"" says:

    I used to do that, too– list all the things I bought. I even kept the receipts and when it's time to check them, sakit sa dughan kay daku nga amount ang nawani na. hahaha. Lisud jud ang responsibilidad sa pag-budget ba.

    My MM Saving Tips for this week is up, too! I welcome your visit if you have a chance! 😉

  5. kat says:

    nah! ako di madala ug lista kay makalimot ra pod ko.. bitaw oi, kaning akong bunso kay bilmoko kaayo… pero karon ako ng gipraktis kung unsaon pag save kay gastador pod..hehe

  6. Tetcha says:

    Listing down your daily expenses is a great way of tracking how much money you're spending and if you're staying within your monthly budget. I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks!

  7. anney says:

    Naku dati ganyan ako naglilista pero nakatamaran ko na. hehehe!

  8. MoM from Manila says:

    teaching how to value the littlest cent is really important…and it is true that we have to start them early para mas maintindihan nila…although, yes, there are cases when we want to give in to their wants, we need to be firm on our teachings…

    hope you can also take a peek on our tips on saving

  9. Chris says:

    im not very good with budgeting myself. but listing the expenses is really something that could help us limit our monthly expenditure! 🙂