Before You Sign The Agreement

This was what I haven’t done before I accepted the house that I loan before, checking the ceilings, the floor, the paint and such. I didn’t know that it was important to check all those works and if the materials that were listed in the plan were actually has been used. Many home developers that has a very nice plan like of what kind of materials they are going to put up in your house, the owner should also have to sign it but later the plan didn’t actually realize because they are using cheap water based paints, the lock for the doors does not even attach properly, even the floor was not properly cemented, the woods that are used was not in the plan. 
I thought I could not do things anymore once you don’t accept the agreement, I was wrong because you can still demand for them to change everything that you don’t like. My friend was so lucky because she had a cousin who is an engineer who escorted her on the day that she supposed to accept and sign the agreement, if not for her cousin, she would not know that the house that they build needs to have some changes, that the materials that has been used was not on the plan. So beware when you apply for a house in any subdivision, you should make a thorough check and if you can bring an expert for checking the house before you sign any papers from the developers. 
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