No Cars Allowed On All Souls Day

Today is Saturday and everyone are rushing to get home since on Monday is holiday and that’s up to November 02, 2011 to make way for All Souls Day and All Saints Day. I am not sure if I will bring my car to visit my Dad, my sister said that there would be no car allowed in the area besides my car is still in the shop right now. I just bought a clutch compressor yesterday but my mechanic just messaged me this morning that it was not the same size as the old one and it has to be with the same size so I went there again to replace the one that I bought yesterday.

This afternoon, when I went back to the store where I bought the clutch of my compressor, the downtown was not that crowded yet when we went home tonight, all sides were heavy. And when times like this, I always wish I could drive my car so to lessen any hassle but I need to prolong my patience, I already told the mechanic to make sure everything is repaired before I would get it next week. I hope though that when I get the car, it took me months to come back to the shop again for maintenance. Honestly, I am really getting tired of it at all, how I wish I could a brand new car right away, how I wish to have money so I can buy a car in an instant. LOL.

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One Response to “No Cars Allowed On All Souls Day”

  1. RyHeAnNe says:

    Hopefully hindi na magloko ang car mo Ate Anne, kasi kung lagi nagloloko I think mas mabuti na bumili ka na lang nga ng brand new or slightly used kasi same gastos lang naman ata kung lagi broke yang car, malulugi ka kung lagi sira yan., 🙂