Victims of Flood

I admit I really came to a point that I don’t like to write at all. I feel like I am writing the same old tales. Nothing new, no more, no less and I found it so boring at all. So I divulge my time driving, watching news, watching vice ganda in you tube and monitoring the flood in Calumpit Bulacan. There were many homeless, their houses if not washed out by the raging water, it has no roofs and walls at all. Many evacuated in the nearby school, although they feel so safe at all from the flood, the mosquitoes are also feasting them at the area since they don’t have electricity yet. Many kids were already having high fever, even adults already suffered from a severe cough. It seems like they don’t have any option anymore. Now, the schools are announcing that they will resume soon yet the houses or the area where they used to live is still have floods. It is really indeed so hard to see all those people trying so hard to survive. Many tried the alternative way of living, since the fishermen could not go to rivers or ocean yet to catch fish, they are using their boats to transport all the people to other town for them to buy some foods. There’s one fisherman who is also trying to catch fish out of a net, put it on the street since he could see a lot of fishes swimming in the flood. One also sell bunch of candles because their town doesn’t have electricity due to flood. Although they were able to resolve some little things yet they only have limited resources they still need some help from our government so they could get up once again. 
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