Another Hectic Day

So I have to go out early again as soon as my sister arrived I will get ready to pick up the cake that I ordered from my friend. Then right after I will have to go to my dentist to pay the balance that we owed her, I supposed to pay it yesterday but everything just went crazy, the time that I send Mj to the pool, they are getting ready to go to the farm. On the other note before I’ll prepare to go out I have to cook breakfast for the kids, good thing they are still busy in the living room so I still have ample of time to cook. Adobo is in my mind right now; I hope I could cook it like the fried chicken that I cook on Sunday, for the first time I didn’t hear any complains at all. LOL!
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One Response to “Another Hectic Day”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Busy busy si mommy ah .. Enjoy November 😉 time flies whew!