I Am Crossing My Finger

Whenever we want something to happen, we are mostly crossing our fingers and so I am crossing my fingers right now. I know I keep on saying this or wishing this is really it, it is because I am not giving up that someday our wishes come true. I am sure you have given up if you are in my shoe or maybe not because you just love that person too much that you can’t get to be disappointed of him or her for a long time. That you can’t just get rid away of that feelings and say this is it, I gave up. And so I am crossing my fingers that this love will blossom more in the next following years when we are together, and that when we are together we will build a happy home for our kids. 
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One Response to “I Am Crossing My Finger”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    i always do that 😉 Wish you all the best and your entire family. By the way, mura lng samsung ko 5,990 lang 😉