I Hope I Can

I wonder when could I put up my vintage Christmas tree, the kids had been asking me when is the day, I haven’t answered them because I don’t even have the motivation to get the Christmas tree from the storage. 
I saw these decorations on the street, varieties of stars that glitter. Oh how I want to buy at least two of them to be put outside of our home. It would be great to see the glittering star hanging on our wall outside or in our fence. I wonder how much does the star cost or the image of Mama Mary with Baby Jesus. Whenever I passed that vendor, I always love to watch all of them; sometimes I would let my car slows down in a minute so I could have a glance of those. I know if I have the money to buy I would surely buy it I hope I can.
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One Response to “I Hope I Can”

  1. Elvirah says:

    I think you should go for it as you celebrate Christmas once in an year. And it would also bring great smile over your kids face.