Kim’s House In Yes Magazine

I supposed to buy the Parenting magazine but I was amazed with the featured house of Kim in Yes Magazine so I decided to buy the latter. It says that this will be her first Christmas on the new house that she just bought, it was so huge and her Christmas tree is so tall. But I guess, she need to put some more decorations or a big frame in the wall near the stairs, I don’t know, it is just for me, I find it so dull when you don’t have something on that wall.  Oh well it is just my opinion though, if that’s what her designer said about it then so be it. LOL what am I am saying, I feel like I really have a say. Hahaha! I didn’t even have my Christmas tree standing in the corner of my house yet. I really don’t feel like putting it up this year, I know I should because I have my kids around, who loves Christmas so much especially my youngest, whenever she saw a Christmas tree on the TV she would always screamed, “Mama, look Christmas” and she would sing suddenly the “tamambel, tamambel” that means “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell. In the contrary I hope to be motivated or at least boosting up my spirit to do this simple chores, to put up a Christmas tree just like last year, to put up some Christmas decors in the wall. Oh how I wish I had my partner here to share this putting up Christmas decors in this home sweet home. 

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2 Responses to “Kim’s House In Yes Magazine”

  1. simply kim says:

    hmmmm.. nice house!

    a visit from kimmy!

  2. ladyguinevere28 says:

    Hi Anne,

    I have an award for you, check this out:

    thank you