The Flashlight and The Hammer

I’d been planning to buy this basic needs for my house, I know it is only a flashlight and a hammer but I don’t know why I can’t just buy those before or maybe I keep on forgetting about it. And I just could remember it when I needed it. Like for an instance, I need to put up a frame on the wall and because I didn’t had a hammer we were looking for a stone just to poke the nails so we could put up our wedding frame and I know then I need a hammer but guess what I just bought it yesterday. Flashlights, my goodness it has been a lot of times I need it here especially during brownouts and when I have to do things in my car and it’s too dark. So yesterday, while I was looking for Mj’s materials for her project at school, I did not hesitate at all to buy these basic things for our house. 
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  1. organza bags says:

    These things are very helpful when we do some internal things or use in repairing something.The flash light is used when we are out and there is nothing that can show the way..means very useful when there is a dark outside.

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