Kids Nowadays

I had a fight with my eldest daughter again tonight; she was just a pain in the butt lately. When I asked her something she would always tell me “wait”. I keep on telling her to cut that out because it is really not good until tonight, I have lost my patience towards her. When she finished her training, she and her friends went to the bathroom immediately to take a shower, we were waiting at the club house, I already told her to hurry up but she did not so since it took her a while to take a shower, we were not able to buy 2 bulbs for two bedrooms because the store was already closed. Good thing the pharmacy still open so I was able to buy my medicine for my cough. Geez, sometimes kids are unaware of their parent’s hard work, they just thought that the things in this life is always the bed of roses. Honestly I get too tired but I know I just can’t because they are just kids and that they still need us more than anyone in this world. I just hope they understand why we get mad at them, why we scold and reprimanded them and I hope they would realized that whenever we correct their mistakes, these are all for them so they would grow up decent and well-disciplined.

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