New Floor Mat For Our Rented Home

My body and legs are aching right now; I am really not feeling well. The other day I have to drive down to the mall after I sent Mj to her school and after I had my car wash, I went to the mall because I really want to buy a floor mat, I bought 10 meters and when we arrive home, my sister and I installed it right away. I didn’t know it was lacking about 5 meters but I bought 10 meters again yesterday for the bedroom. The living room is okay now, we have the floor mat installed completely, we just have to finished the remaining floor mats in the 2 bedrooms I hope it could still occupy 3 bedrooms.

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One Response to “New Floor Mat For Our Rented Home”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    I remember way back meron din kami floor mat pero ngayn tiles na pero hndi k home yon ha i'm still living with my mother.