No Apparel

Sometimes I dream to ride a horse, I rode once but it was only for picture taking and a little bit of roaming around. I didn’t have any equestrian riding apparel, the in-charge of that horse riding said they don’t have any so we really have to be careful if you feel like riding it alone. In my case the in-charge was holding a rope for me and he was the one who lead the horse while walking, it was only like 15 minutes. I did enjoy it but it was not enough because of the time limit and if I would exceed, I will have to pay another 15 minutes again and there was a lot of people who would like to try riding that horse.
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One Response to “No Apparel”

  1. Elvirah says:

    Awww…thats sad to know you didn't have an apparel, but the good thing is you atleast got to have the feel of riding it for 15 mins. Horse riding looks royal and its fun as well…isn't it?