Our Christmas Tree Is Up

Finally, our Christmas tree is up, although I just put up the vintage I am still so happy that even the Christmas is already just around the corner, I still have the spirit to put up. Honesty, these past few days I don’t feel like putting some decorations for our house. My spirit is just too low to even put one but last night was the night, with the help of my sister I had put it up. Our Christmas tree has passed lots of lots of years yet even so whenever we need it, it still stood up so tall and dignity. I bought this Christmas tree 8 years ago and it still gave us smiles and colors to our home sweet home whenever we put some decorations on it. But maybe by next year, I have to buy another new Christmas tree, I would miss this Christmas tree but I am sure my sister would be delighted to have it by next year. 
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One Response to “Our Christmas Tree Is Up”

  1. Jona says:

    Not yet put up any Christmas decors in our home…I still dont feel the excitement for christmas like you were.

    Our Family