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Platinum Rings Are Forever

Platinum wedding rings are a significant choice when you are buying a wedding band. In fact the cost of platinum is more than any other metal. It is the king of all metals. King because it is the rarest and costliest. If everyone you knew was a King it wouldn’t be a big deal. So if you can afford to go with platinum it is a good choice. If you can’t afford platinum but are on more of a budget there are a lot of other option for your wedding band. In fact the alternative metal market is increasing every year. The most popular alternative metals are tungsten carbide wedding bands. They are virtually scratch resistant and are very affordable. So if you are looking for a wedding band you have many things to consider.
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New Layout For My Three Blogs

I am so glad that Rheayanne of Traveler’s Journal was able to create a new amazing lay out for my three blogs, yes the Points of View of Travels and Places, Anne’s Sweet Life, and Sahm’s Dining Diary have a new 3 column lay out now. Sahm’s Dining Diary was just finished today so you know I could not contain my happiness when I saw the lay out just a while so I am bragging it here. Please take a look of my new layouts, thank you!
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Scanning Systems

Do you remember when you went to the store the cashier would enter each transaction in to the register individually and it there would be times where she would have to look up the price of something in a book or call somebody over. Well almost every product today has a bar code on it and they price is coded into a computer. So all the cashier has to do is scan the code and the price will come up. Well there are various types of codes and various types of scanning systems like POS systems. Accuracy and proper entry of prices in to the computer data base is important for an efficient service to customers. I like the speed and I even like the ability of self-check out in those stores that offer that service. Bar codes have made it easier to shop and in some ways simplified it.
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Success For Putting Them In Their Naptime

I am so much glad that I was able to put the kids to the bed yesterday for naptime before we went to Church. It is indeed a success for me because most of the time they don’t like to sleep in the afternoon. Mj was okay though if I would tell her to take a nap, she will take a nap in no time but Faith is the opposite because it will take her like an hour to take a nap and we have the same scenario in the evening excepts if she is very very tired already. 

While they had their nap, I was also trying to prepare myself for the Church, like bath time, blowing my hair, putting make-ups and the like. And when I was done they were already awake, one hour for nap is not bad at all right? 
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