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Congratulations Again DSLSC!

We are here in Marbel for Langoy Pilipinas competition, and even though Mj is a newbie on her age bracket she still did her best. Mj won the 3rd place in Butterfly, 2nd place in Back stroke and 3rd place in 400 Individual Medley. She cried on her freestyle though because she thought that she was disqualified because she dove late when the whistle began.  
Anyway let me also take this opportunity to congratulate our team mates: 
Alex for winning the second place in butterfly 
Arisa for winning the second place in backstroke and 400 IM and third place in breast stroke.  
Yuna for winning the first place in butterfly, freestyle, 400 IM and second place in breast stroke and backstroke.Sweet for winning the first place in butterfly, second in breast stroke, back stroke, free style and 400 IM.  
Congratulations also to Joseph, Josiah, Gillian, James, Don and Kitkat for breaking their time during their event. We are so proud of you kids!
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