Save Money For The Future

I am seriously taking the time to save my money now. I mean I was saving before but I keep on withdrawing some that leads to of the same amount every month. I know that of what we had today will never be the same in the future and that is what my friend has been telling us. But sometimes it is hard to save money especially when there is emergency, like repairs for the car, bills and the like, you can never avoid to withdraw some money from your bank. I wanted to start a business but I don’t know what and I am afraid because what if my employees will just abused my kindness and that it just lead to lose of income of my business. What if I won’t prosper, what if I can only be effective for just an employee and not the business owner. I had tried before the money lending but it just did not prosper.

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One Response to “Save Money For The Future”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    parehas jud ta ay daghan kaayo what if's? ug mag business kunohay..balo oi sayang money ug mo lugdang ang negosyo.. pero di pud ta kabalo ug mo succeed ba ta ug d nato suwayan..