On My Wedding Day

Have you ever gone and stayed to a suite room in a five star hotel, I did! It was during my wedding that my husband and I decided to rent a suite room, even the bathroom is huge! They had a big bath tub, wherein the kids wanted to have a bubble bath for long hours, they had a very stylish sink and they even have very stunning, well-designed bathroom lighting. The bathroom is so spacious that you could even dance and sway until your feet give up, the vanity mirrors added up the style of that bathroom, it also has the smell of aroma that no one could ever forget. It has been 3 years yet the beauty that the room possesses still lingers on my mind, that remarkable experience is unforgettable.

If only I have a house of my own, I would surely, will build a bathroom the same as that hotel. And I will certainly, would look for a store that offers only quality lighting fixtures and mirrors for the bathroom, I would even look for those items over the Internet and I am sure there’s one out there that would meet my expectations and will satisfy my needs. I know this will happen very soon, God will provide in one way or the other, I just have to believe on it.

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