This morning while the kids are at school, I was able to have a chance to do things here at home. It has been a while since I’ve done a general cleaning, although what I did today is no general cleaning after all, I just used my new buddies in mopping the floor.

I bought this cover for the outlet that I am planning to condemn ever since we transferred in this house. And last month, finally, I was able to purchase an outlet cover, I am no handy at all but with the instructions that has given to me in the hardware where I bought the outlet cover, I was able to follow it step by step and first was to switch off the main switch so there will be no electricity that will come through from the outlet. I was still worried though but I really have to secure that outlet since it is no use after all and it was exposed, I am scared that my youngest would touch it out of her curiosity. I do love of what I had accomplished today, no worries after I install this cover on this outlet.

My Little Home

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