Dog Bites, Send The Victim To The Hospital Immediately

When it’s summer, our kids love to go out in the house, play in the street with their friends even under the dreading heat of the sun but beware because their are dogs especially with no vaccination for rabies would attack in no time. I have heard this from my friend who is always doing my manicure and pedicure, she had a neighbor who’s daughter got attack with a dog recently, her neighbor did not send her to the hospital as they don’t have enough funds for the medicine. Summer is indeed fun but when circumstances like this would occur, it leads to serious problem and it would create more problem when they are not treated immediately.

My friend from the pool also witnessed a kid who suffered from a dog bite in the hospital; he did not tell his parents that he got bitten so it was too late already that he would be treated. That hospital did not accept him anymore instead they sent him to the other hospital where the victim will be isolated and so as the kid’s company. The virus is an air borne, so it can contaminate even you have touch unintentionally the saliva. But it can be treated, the hospital would recommend an injection though the victim  should be injected as soon as possible because if the virus would spread up to the brain, it could be no longer treated. The victim will be just isolated and perhaps would wait until he or she died.

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