Flexible Plumbing Tubing

One of the issues in buying an and or living in an older house is worrying about repairs. Repairs to an older house can be costly; especially if you don’t do them right or use poor quality products. Heating an older house can be expensive if the heating system is old and the house poorly insulated. If you live in an older house, you might find that upgrading the tubing by using PEX tubing can increase the life and reduce the maintenance of yours heating system. Energy costs continue to rise and if your heating system is not performing to its best capability, it may be costing you more than it should.

Plumbing can also be a problem in older houses. Copper and aluminum tubing corrosion can result in leaking waste or fresh water. PEX Plumbing tubing has been certified for use with potable water. It comes in various Diameters and in either red or blue. Just like some kitchen or bathroom fixtures where you see a red “H” to designate hot water and a blue “C” to designate cold, the red Pex tubing can be used for hot and the blue for cold. One other thing about Pex tubing, it will cost less and be easier to install than traditional copper tubing. And if you have seen the ugly green on copper tubing, you will recognize it as corrosion. Using PEX tools can make crimping and cinching your tubing much easier. IT is important to have the right tools for your job.

My husband is neither an expert with heating system nor plumbing, but he feels competent to repair simple plumbing issues. He is able to replace hot and cold water feed lines from the wall to the faucet and has replaced the kitchen and master bathroom sink fixtures. Using a flexibly tubing like PEX Plumbing Tubing, he was able to replace the hot and cold water feed lines in both places.

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