How I Wish To Be Just In The Passenger’s Seat

Yesterday when we were invited at the birthday party, I know I would be driving back and forth, I almost cancelled it but if the happiness of your kid is at stake and just so you know that she will be upset when you will not push decline the invitation that I could not take. So even though I would be driving back and forth, it is all worth it because I know my youngest daughter is just so happy attending that party. So first, I dropped Faith and sister Merlyn in McDonald then I drove back to the school of Mj to fetch her and send her to Kumon, then I went back at the birthday party to be with my little girl and fetch her as well. Then we went back to Kumon to where my eldest was to fetch her and gave her the burger that I promised to her. We arrived home already late at night, it was such a long dizzy drive, how I wish to be just in the passenger’s seat.

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