I Hope It Will Remain A Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night, in my dream I was with my kids at this house. I know that there is something that is happening; I hugged them so tight both are very scared. I could see the sky so dark but there are portions there that lighten, it was like something is shining just on the selected parts. This house has 3 rooms and we were in the 2nd room, Faith embraced me so tight and Mj was trying to calm yet I know she was scared too, both said “I love you” we could not go out because once we go out, one of us will be vanished. We did not sleep, even it is getting dark but we can’t help to fall asleep as we were so tired, so afraid when I woke up, my kids are gone. The wind that we were afraid of got inside the house and I cried. I woke up crying too this morning, maybe I was over-thinking of things, I hugged them when I woke up this morning, I am so thankful that it is but only a dream and I hope it will remain a dream.

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