Is He Worth It?

I have heard this over and over and sometimes I get curious what really makes a woman being the mistress. Or what makes her feel why she chooses being one. I may not understand it but with this post I will try not to be just only on one side because I want to understand why one has to be a mistress.

So many women are involved being the 3rd party because the man is promising them to leave their wives and be with them and the waiting starts forever, endless pains and emptiness because eventually the man will not leave their wife for the sake of the mistress. Husband and wife has this bond that no one can break that easily and fast regardless of the many problems he claims to be at home.

Is it worth to become a mistress? Firstly do you trust the man who’s at first lies to you and his wife? Keeping you a secret is an obvious sign that he is not ready and no plans at all for leaving his family for you. Do you deserve to be just the second priority? Come to think of it, if he wants to leave his wife, he already had done that like few years ago. If he loves you sincerely he should not put you into shame. Remember, relationship that starts in deception will always end the same. Do not be blinded with his lies and promises because the fact is he is a cheater, worthless partner and selfish.

There are cases that a man leaves his wife to be with their mistress but this is just rare to happen. Yes, there are cases also that eventually the man will push the relationship afar but it will never last because the relationship did not start right, it doesn’t have solid foundation because it planted on unstable ground.

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