On Saving Money

I always joke my friend that I am saving money so I could buy a house and when they asked me how much did I saved, they would laugh when I answered them the amount. They said it was not even reach 1/4 of the cost for a house, but really I am serious not of buying a house out of my savings but saving enough for emergency purposes, or when I have things I want to buy for myself. And who knows? I might be able to buy a house or assume a house right?

I have learned my lesson, I was not able to save money in my bank and when the kids were sick I have to wait for my husband to go online so I could ask some money from him. And I don’t want that to happen again, my husband has been trying so hard so he could support us here but that does not mean that I should not save money. What if my husband does not enough funds available for me on that day, where would I go to ask money for my kids’ check up? Thus, it is a must to save money, a hundred bucks could do, without you knowing it, it would add up more than of how much you expected.

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3 Responses to “On Saving Money”

  1. asawa says:

    koreking jud day, importante jud naay gitago tagoan bisan ginagmay kay ug naay dinalian gamitan sa money naay makuot. ako nagdaku ko nga bisan unsa ka gamay sa money taguan jud naku ug mahimo kay paits ug ikaw na raba mag need money wa najud raba kay madaganan…

  2. lisa says:

    Hi, salamat sa message..oo wala na akong EC, denelete nila last days ago. I re apply, sana k na next week.

  3. silvergirl says:

    oo nga dapat mag save tayo for emergency..kaso palagi makukuha din dahil kulang ang budget natin.. ako i promiss to save talaga.. sana nga makasave..