Sisters Were Fighting

My kids just had a fight a while ago just before they went to bed. I am not sure if Faith thought that hitting Mj on her back is still playing, Mj was hurt so badly so she cried. I asked Faith to say sorry but she did not instead she kicked again her Ate, Mj was not able to bear it at all so she spank her, thought it was not hard but it was enough to let Faith know that she did something bad to her Ate. She approached me right away and cried so hard as if she was really hurt, she wanted me to spank Ate Mj too but I told her I will not spank Ate because she has done the hitting first, Mj was just trying to teach her youngest sister that it was not good to hit her or anyone and that’s what I wanted to tell her too. She cried when she learned that I am not on her side, I talked to her and said that what she did was not right.

She said sorry when she knows that Ate Mj is sleeping already, she kissed her goodnight and told me she loves me. I love both of my kids and I wanted them to be close as best friend does but maybe there are really times that they will fight over things or argue on things. I hope they know that when they fight, I am the first one who would get hurt.

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