Status : Package Received

I just received the package that I expected from my husband in the states and I was stunned with how much the custom fee was. For 2 books, 2 tapes, earplugs and the letter, I have to pay them like a thousand bucks, geez I could even buy books here for like a hundreds. Anyway, what I was expecting from the package is the letter that is all-important to me. The letter contents of us to be together, I can’t tell you in detail but I hope it is happening soon. But if not oh well life continues as its best, like live, love and laugh. I could not take any burdens in my life now, as life is short if you always complain. Take it as it is and be happy with what you have, I have kids with me although my husband is miles apart I know he loves us and cared for us no matter what.

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