Tomorrow Night Yet

I am so busy today, well one of my busiest days because the moment I sent Mj to the pool, I have to go to downtown to hand the letter to Speedo in SM. I also need to go to a shop to inquire how much is the upholstery for a car. After driving around and a detour, which I realized later I could have saved time and gas because the road that I choose for detour is the farthest compared to the road I drove through. After SM and a quick lunch, I brought the car to the mechanic for a check-up, I noticed some sounds that are so weird when my mechanic checked it, he noticed the ball joint, bushing or suspension, may not be functioning, I just have to send the car back on Monday, since I would still be using it for Faith’s Graduation day today and for tomorrow’s Mj’s cross channel from Koako beach to Paradise. But something happen after the Graduation that I decided to bring the car back to the shop, as of now, I could not still visit or make a comment to all your blogs, I am so tired and busy until tomorrow, I hope to drop by tomorrow night.

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