Too Much Fee For House Rental

I accompanied my friend last Saturday, her friend wanted to look for a house for rent at Wood ridge where our kids have their training. I wanted to take a nap at the back of my friend’s car so I decided to join them since I can’t take a nap at the clubhouse because I can’t stop to chitchat with my other friends who were there too. But how can I take a nap while I am engrossed with houses and all, it was my hobby back then to look for its styles and the like. So the result was not taking a nap at all but find myself loving what I have seen. My friend’s friend was able to like one house for rent but I was stunned with how much would be the rental fee, it was nearly P50, 000 pesos. I was thinking that if she would rent a house like that, I guess it is better to loan a house assume or buy a house because you can own it or most likely after how many years and maybe the fee is lesser than that. Oh well, anyway it’s her and her husband choice, so it is not my business to tell them that and besides I guess they know what they are doing and what they want.

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One Response to “Too Much Fee For House Rental”

  1. silvergirl says:

    we have a lot of townhouse here, with 45k you can move already, it is tru pag ibig..nowadays you should money wise, hirap hanapin ang 50k 🙂