Will Transfer To Sky Cable

I saw the sky cable company installing some lines here in our village, I had been subscribing with cignal, it is good but there are times when it’s too hot, it would stop and when it rains, it stops as well. I guess this is the turning time; I have to switch off to transfer with sky cable. The men who were working for the lines said they don’t have any agent yet to survey in the village but I can always visit their office. One of these days I would surely come up to their office and inquire how much would I pay every month. I always love the channel they are offering for their subscribers, I am sure I can watch the zombie series that I’d wanted to watch since February, I certainly would get the Fox Channel.

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One Response to “Will Transfer To Sky Cable”

  1. lisa says:

    Ka experience pod mi kung mag rain or cloudy skies kay ma stop, pero kung too hot wapa ka experience na mo stop. Amo gamit kay Dream Satellite.