Meeting This Afternoon

I am in a hurry to finish all the things I need to finish here. Last night I received a message that the club will be having a meeting with the coach and it will be held at their house. Instead of preparing myself and checking the funds I am still here trying to backdate and update my blog. I am gone for a week, I tried not to but because I didn’t have a very good connection in the province, I was not able to write a single sentence in my blog. Last night, I did it all and today I finished it yet it does not mean I totally finished my task here because I need to comment back to those who left footprints here in my blog. In the next few days I will try to pay a visit to all my friends here in blogosphere and be active again in the secret group in FB. But this time, seriously, I need to get up my butt from here; otherwise I will be late again, which is not new at all. Alright folks, till tonight then have a blessed Sunday to all of you!

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