What A Busy Day!

If every summer you are in your house, resting and not busy at all. It is opposite to my situation here because this summer is the busiest ever. Early in the morning, I need to drive my eldest daughter to the venue where they have their core and jogging and as I’ve said to my other blog while they are exercising, I am also jogging around the village. I admit it is tiring but because I want to lose weight or get rid of this unwanted fats in my belly, I really have to work hard.

Today, after the core is done, Jm and I went to NSO office inside the mall to request for my youngest daughter’s birth certificate. We arrived home almost noon at all, I took my lunch then took a 45 minutes nap. The kids woke me up since I need to send Jm to her training, her training is from 1:00 p.m., to 3:00 p.m., after that I need to see the owner of the house to pay our rent and went to Pag-ibig insurance as well to pay my contribution. We also dropped by at the American Surplus to buy some books for my youngest daughter and a board for her to write on. Jm bought the barbie doll as she promised to herself if she won in DAVRAA, she used the allowance that the DepED gave her before we left from New Bataan.

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