Skin Allergy Always Made Me Sleepy

My skin allergy attacks me, so I asked my daughter to buy me a Ceterizine and after I took it, I got so groggy, my eyes dropped suddenly so I crawled in bed and took a nap. When I woke up, it is time to hit the road to send my daughter to her training. I was still drooping but because I need to drive her to the pool, I should do my best not to be sleepy while driving. I thought after the training, I can get home immediately but Jm had a meeting in the quarter here in the city. It is the athletes meeting; they said they could not get their allowance if they won’t attend. Thus, I need to accompany her there, after they tried catching the one who is in charge for the attendance, we went home immediately. And when I arrived home, I went to bed and rested.

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