Happiness # 11: Swimming In The Pool

Early this morning I visited the pool in the clubhouse, and I found out that it is so clean so after we jogged I drag my youngest daughter, sister and her son there to have a dip in the pool.



My youngest daughter was so happy, oh she loves water so much especially when the weather is  too hot. Tonight she sleep so early, oh well she must be tired with her activity this morning.

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10 Responses to “Happiness # 11: Swimming In The Pool”

  1. MC says:

    Geez! This makes me more excited to go outing with my peers today! I miss swimming pool! 😀

  2. Enzo says:

    Happiness indeed! I would love to take dip in a pool right now especially that the weather in Thailand is almost unbearable already. Too hot in here!

  3. marri says:

    The kids surely enjoyed the
    plunge into the coolness of water.
    You seem to be happy as well, dipping
    your body for a refreshing wetness.

  4. levy says:

    it’s nice that the place is not that crowded.

  5. MaxiVelasco says:

    Wow! Kaya I want to buy a house and lot for my family in a subdivision kasi may mga ganitong plus factors. Parks and wow.. swimming pool!!! Your kids and you are really having fun on this pic!

  6. Adin B says:

    Swimming always makes me sleepy. Well, for me not really swimming since I don’t know how to swim, but more like splishing and splashing in the water makes me sleep. hahaha… How fun mommy! 🙂 Visiting late via Happiness Is.


  7. Hyanne says:

    Nice the water looks really clean and it seems there’s only few people sarap talaga magswimming 🙂

  8. yay! swimming in the pool with the fam is the best bonding 🙂 the water looks refreshing Momi Anne 🙂 Dropping by from Happiness Is

  9. Leah H. says:

    That was great! Kids love water:)

    Visiting late for Happiness- hope you can stop by:)